Five Things to Do Before Attending the Texas Opry

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1. Read up on the history of the Opry. It is a lot more interesting than a lot of people think, and you will love knowing a bit of history about it when you are finally enjoying it in all of its grandeur.

2. Eat dinner and have a few drinks at one of the great restaurants near the Opry. There are plenty of great places to try, and you won’t have to worry about springing for expensive items while you are there.

3. Consider watching something from the Opry on television before your trip there. By doing so, you (more…)

Keeping the Lights on at the Texas Opry

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The Texas Opry Theater has long been a Saturday night tradition that offers some of the best country music performances within the nation. Even though most of these performers at the theater are new to the country music scene, Texas residents can get a glimpse of these superstars in a relaxing down-home setting. However, without power, audiences wouldn’t be seeing anything. Venues like the Texas Opry, small businesses and even Texas residents can shop for the best rates on electricity at

However, the Texas Opry is not just about country music. Fans of gospel, blues, blue grass and jazz performers can also catch a show from these up-and-coming music artists. Even so, the Texas Opry is home to some of the most sought-after tribute bands and performers within their genre, including Dave Alexander and the Big Western Swing Band, the Fever Tribute Band and Grandpa’s Neighbors.

Not only is the Texas Opry about keeping this endearing tradition alive, but it’s also about honoring the history of music, remembering top performers and continuing to give new and old performers a platform for their work.

Texas Opry History
From Rockabilly to Gospel Bluegrass, the Texas Opry has featured many unique performances and genres from the past and present. Since opening in 1991, the town of Weatherford and the Texas Opry Theater has attracted large audiences from places all around Texas.

The theater has been host to original artists, artist specific tribute bands and performers that honor some of the most well-known music artists from around the country. It’s not uncommon to catch a performance at the Texas Opry that is a tribute to the late Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Merle Haggard or Patsy Cline.

Yet, music fans of the Texas Opry might also hear the lulling sounds of performers such as Eric Clapton, ZZ Top, Rod Stewart or George Straight.

Top Performers
As a family friendly establishment, the Texas Opry has been host to several monthly musical showcases. It has featured both local and regional favorites and it has also hosted some of the top performances from big-name Branson and Nashville.

From birthday tributes to Johnny Cash to performances from the Southern Heritage Band, the Texas Opry Theater has it all. Some of the most memorable performances include Eleven Hundred Springs, Johnny Rodriguez, Katy Keenie and Roy Rodgers Junior.

New Performers at the Texas Opry
New performers, classic amateur artists and bands are always being hosted at the Texas Opry Theater. It’s common to hear the sultry music of Indie Music newbies or classic hit memorials. Furthermore, fans of the Texas Opry Theater can always count on monthly shows that include Southern Gospel, Country music and Rock-n-Roll lineups.

How to Get Great Seats at the Texas Opry

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Whether you live in Texas or are simply planning a visit to the area in the near future, you should consider going to see a live performance at the Texas Opry. There are a lot of wonderful performances to enjoy at the Texas Opry, but it is best if you can get good seats.

However, it can sometimes be tricky to get good seats at the Texas Opry because it is such a popular attraction. This doesn’t mean that you can’t acquire good seats, however; it simply (more…)

This Month’s Performances at the Texas Opry

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Coming this month to The Texas Opry is the Glenn Miller Orchestra! Price includes dinner for two to any of the following restaurants: Boo Rays Cajun Cafe, Fire Oak Grill, Mesquite Pit Restaurant, or Wild Mushroom Restaurant. The prices range from 100-200 depending on the choice of restaurant. If you just want to see the show the tickets are at an amazing price of just 25 a piece. Keep your date book open because next month there will (more…)

First Timers: What to Expect at the Texas Opry

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Be prepared for a blast of fun once you walk in the doors at the Texas Opry. The Texas Opry is open all night so no matter what time you arrive fun will be waiting for you.
You will hear great music sung by local groups and first time singers. Singers are of various age groups with different varieties of music. You may hear singers that sounds just like Elvis, Merle Haggard, Patsy Cline, among many others. Many (more…)

Reasons to Get VIP Tickets at the Texas Opry

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The Texas Opry Theater serves up good times and great music. Located in Weatherford, TX, this venue offers up the best in classic country, big band, and tribute shows. While there are no bad seats here, there is nothing like a VIP ticket to immerse yourself in the music. At the Texas Opry Theater, VIP ticket holders occupy the first six rows of seating, putting them up close and personal with the incredible talent of the performers on stage.

Listening to live music is such a wonderful treat. You may (more…)

Budgeted Entertainment: Saving Money at the Texas Opry

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Located in Weatherford, Texas, the Texas Opry theater features live music that is affordable for families who are looking for budgeted entertainment.

Depending on the show, tickets to the Texas Opry range from as low as 15 to 25 dollars a ticket to as high as 100 to 200 dollars for a couple who wants a meal included.

15 dollars will get you general admission into the Texas Opry for certain bands. Another 5 dollars will get you VIP seats located in the first six (more…)

What to Wear to the Texas Opry

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Think Texas and good old fashion Opry comes to mind. The Texas Opry is located in Weatherford, Texas, which is about 25 miles west of Fort Worth.

What to expect

For a good show you need great seating and at the Texas Opry there isn’t a bad seat in the house. With 475 seats to choose from you won’t be disappointed. Parking is never a problem either with plenty of on and off street available. Additionally, charming shops located a stones throw away for shopping, as well as the tastiest sandwich shop in town are there (more…)